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"OWL" You Need to Know About Mrs. Braun's Class

Thursday Folders

In my classrooms, I use your child’s take home binder as a means to send home any and all work home on Thursdays. In our class, your child’s Thursday envelope is the same as the binder that they bring home daily. On Thursdays, in addition to school-wide communication, you will find your child’s graded/checked activities from the previous week. Please check your child’s backpack every Thursday and empty the binder of papers. Take a few minutes to look through the information and graded papers with your child. Binders need to be returned to school empty each Friday.

Take Home Binder

I have ordered all students a binder that will be their O.W.L (Organized While Learning) Binder this year. This will be the designated “take home” binder. Each day this binder will travel to and from school and serve as the primary mode of communication between the teacher and parents. Your child will bring home weekly homework, daily behavior logs, and occasional class announcements. This is where you will send lunch money, notes to teacher, permission slips, etc… The front pocket will be designated as “Return to School” and the back pocket will be papers that can “Stay at Home.” Also included are some reference pages to assist your child with homework. Please check your child’s binder daily! (Students will not receive these binders until the first full week of school.)


Homework will be sent home with your child every Monday and must be completed by the following Monday. Homework provides an opportunity for your child to practice skills at home that they have learned at school. Homework packets will be sent home beginning the second or third full week of school. Homework will include sight word and word work practice, a reading log to document the nightly 20 minutes of reading that your child will be expected to complete, a reading comprehension passage, and math sheets to practice the week’s concepts. When homework is not completed, the student will be asked to complete it during their recess time, UNTIL it is finished. Even if that means that it takes more than 1 day of their recess.


In order for your child to succeed in the classroom, they must exhibit behavior that is appropriate for a learning environment. I hold my students to high expectations because I believe that they can all learn if they work hard and do their best. Perfection is not expected, but a best effort is. We have the following rules in place to create a strong learning environment:

  1. Follow directions quickly
  2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
  3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
  4. Make smart choices
  5. Make your teacher happy J


As a class, we will spend time during the first few weeks “dissecting” these rules and figuring out what they mean and look like in our classroom. We will also visit the “common areas” throughout the school (such as the cafeteria) to discuss the expectations for those areas. We will have multiple conversations about the rewards students will receive for positive behavior, and the consequences they will receive for behavior that violates classroom or common area rules. We will use the school-wide “card-turn” system to monitor behavior, in addition to positive reinforcements for excellent behavior. You will receive more information about these systems during the first or second week of school.

Notes and Lunch Money

Please send any notes (i.e. doctor’s note regarding absences) or lunch money to school in your child’s take-home binder. I would like you to put anything that needs to be turned into me in an envelope labeled with my name and your child’s name. Lunch money needs to be in an envelope or a Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name and their lunch number.


I will send out the class newsletters in your child’s take- home binder each Thursday OR you may opt to check the weekly newsletter through e-mail each week. Please indicate in the survey portion of this packet if you will be using our online communication tool or if you would prefer the paper copy.   The newsletter will include important classroom updates/changes, specials schedules, and upcoming events so please read it to keep current with classroom news!


It is very important that the Transportation Information page be completed and returned to me on Open House night! If you’ve accidentally taken this page home, return it on the first day of school. It is vital that I know where your child is going and how he/she is getting there. If you have concerns about who is allowed to pick up your child, please make the front office and myself aware of your concerns. I am aware that things do come up and last minute changes sometimes need to be made, but please let me –OR- the office know of changes in transportation as soon as possible! If you know in advance, it is best to let me know about changes in writing.

Box Tops

I am sure many of you are familiar with the pink BOX TOP label found on many grocery store items.  Collecting box tops is a great way to raise money for our classroom. Please send them in with my name and your child’s name on a Ziploc bag. 


I love birthdays!!! I want your child to get to have their special day in my classroom.  They will be greeted with a little birthday treat from me but if you would like to send in a birthday snack please contact me beforehand.  This helps me to know and plan for a little time out to celebrate your child. Please note that all treats must be STORE-BOUGHT and we will need to be considerate of allergies in the classroom. If you are going to send home birthday invitations through my classroom folders I like to have a couple of rules to avoid any hurt feelings.  If your child wants to give out invitations at school they need to:

  1. invite all of the boys if it is a boy’s party
  2. invite all of the girls if it is a girl’s party
  3. or invite everyone in the class if they are having a mixed gender birthday party

If you choose to invite a smaller group of children please handle invitations outside of the classroom.  Thank you for following this rule!


SUMMER BIRTHDAYS! If your child has a summer birthday when school is not in session we will celebrate their day in January!  Feel free to bring a birthday treat on their special day this winter…. For example in they have a July 31st birthday they will have a special day at school on January 31st!  I will send reminders of this in our newsletter!