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  • NTI Day 10

    Your NTI Day 10 assignment is to ready pages 7-12 in Unit 7 Class Notes and answer questions 14-25 in Reading Guide 1. We will have our reading quiz as scheduled tomorrow. 

  • NTI Day 9

    NTI Day 9 assignment is the same as NTI Day 8, but files have been updated. I'll provide paper copies on Thursday.

  • NTI Day 8

    Hey all, here is NTI Day 8. Read p.1-4 of Unit 7 Class Notes (Stop at "the cold war deepens") and answer questions 1-7 in Unit 7 Reading Guide 1. All docs are in the Unit 7 folder of our website. I realize some of you will not have access to a printer. There will be a grace period for completing this assignment. 

  • NTI Day 7

    Your NTI Day 7 assignment is to complete ANY missing or incomplete reading guides for Unit 5. Email me if you have questions. 

  • Unit 5 Quizlet Flashcards

    Mrs. Nydam has created Quizlet flashcards for the vocab terms for Unit 5. Use these to your advantage!


  • NTI Day 6

    NTI Day 6- Read Unit 5 Class Notes p.24-26 and answer questions 8-11 in Reading Guide 3. Reading Guide 3 is in the Unit 5 folder and was sent to you as a Word doc and PDF yesterday. Answer on paper if you can't print reading guide.

  • NTI Day 5

    Reading Guide 3 is in the Unit 5 folder. Your NTI Day 5 assignment is to read p. 22-24 of Unit 5 Class Notes and answer questions 1-7 in Reading Guide 3. You can print out the Reading Guide for yourself or answer the questions on a separate piece of paper. You can transfer your answers when we get back to school and you get the paper copy of the reading guide. 

    Don't neglect this. Should only take you 10-20 minutes,.

  • NTI Day 4

    Being that today was a scheduled quiz day, your NTI Day 4 assignment is to have all Reading Guide 2 vocab words defined. 

    Stay tuned for further information on NTI Day 5-6...and maybe 7 this week. You may need to access Reading Guide 3 on your own in the Unit 5 folder! 

  • NTI Day 3

    Your NTI Day 3 assignment is to read Unit 5 Class Notes, p. 19-21 and answer questions 17-19 in Reading Guide 2. Enjoy the long weekend.

  • NTI Day 2

    Your NTI Day 2 assignment: have all of your vocab terms defined. Reading Guide 1 should be complete. Quiz will be first thing tomorrow.

  • NTI Day 1

    Your NTI Day 1 assignment is to read p.7-12 of Unit 5 Class Notes and answer questions 14-22 in Reading Guide 1.


    See you Monday.

  • Civics Exam Link

    Use this link to access the Civics Exam:


  • Article about Puerto Ricans today


  • Unit 3 Quizlet

    Hey everyone, Mrs. Nydam has created some awesome resources for you on Quizlet. Here's the link: https://quizlet.com/233742310/unit-3-the-progressives-flash-cards/?new

    Use this to help you study and learn!

  • TodaysMeet Instructions

    Please go to the following link in orer to participate in today's activity: http://today.io/1rtrv

  • The Story of Us: Division

    If you were absent on Friday or finishing your Unit 1 Exam, please watch the following video https://youtu.be/8uSz3QCC-Oo and answer the video questions, which can be found in the Unit 2 folder. 

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