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Calculus AP BC  

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Renee Peters

887-2421 ext 3702 


  • NTI DAY 10

    Vector Packet

    Complete Day 4 odds

    Read Day 5 notes and attempt 1,3,5

  • NTI Day 9

    Make flash cards of the Taylor Polynomials on pg 779.  Include the formula that generates the polynomials.

  • NTI Day 8

    Create a quiz and a key to the quiz with one of each of the following types of integration:

    1.  Integration by Parts

          a.  Table method

          b.  Not Table method

    2.  Trigonometric Integrals

    3.  Trigonometric Substitution

    4.  Partial Fractions

    5.  Improper Integral

    6.  Long Division

  • NTI Day 7

    Do CH. 11 Review pg. 706

    21, 25, 35, 37

    Show your work and check with the back of the book

  • NTI Day 6

    Back to Ch. 12: Chapter Review

    Pg. 794 Concept Check: 1-5

    While we have not discussed all the tests in # 5, still look them up and write what the test does.

    Pg. 795 Exercises:  1-4, 27-29

    Write your thoughts as to why or how you found your answer.

  • NTI Day 5

    Double AAARGGHHH!

    11.1  Review of Parametric Equations: x and y in terms of t

    Read the section then attempt:  pg. 663 1-9 odd, 24, 28

    Hope to see you Thurs.... we will finish up the tiny step into ch. 12 and start learning how to do some calculus to parametric and polar in ch. 11.

  • NTI Day 4

    We will continue toggling between polar and rectangular.

    Know the conversion formulas in the boxes on pg 676 and 677.

    Do:  pg 2,4,6,16,18,22,56

    To match the polar equation to its graph, try putting angles in and finding r.

  • NTI DAY 3

    Read 11.3 through pg 679:  Polar Graphs

    Do pg 683  1-9 odd, 15,17,21

  • NTI Day 2

    Read 12.2

    Do 1- 25 odd on page 730, you don't have to graph or find 10 partial sums on 3,5,or 7 to answer the question.

  • NTI Day 1

    Section 12.1 on page 721... continue with 24-46 

    Show your thoughts on the paper and explain your reasoning!

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