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Students will be introduced to ancient history, will meet exciting people along the way, and will have fun learning.  The class will begin with the first successful civilization in Mesopotamia, and travel to Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Europe.

Daily Agenda
  • 4/25/13 (Th) Robin Hood

    The students read information on Robin Hood and discussed the legend.

  • 4/26/13 (F) The Vikings

    The students reviewed for their test on Tuesday, April 30.  They also discussed the Vikings and their way of life.

    Students can check Study Guides/Worksheets/Links for study materials for the test.

  • 4/29/13 D.A.R.E.
  • 4/30/13 (T) Chapter 18 Test
  • 4/23/13 (T) Castles and Forts

    The students learned about forts and castles, as well as the life of peasants and lords.

  • 4/24/13 (W) Henry Clay presentation

    The students observed an actor portray Henry Clay and answered questions about the presentation.

  • 4/18/13 (Th) Black Death

    The students watched a History Channel Video on the Black Death and discussed the 3 different strains of the plague.

  • 4/19/13 (F) Medieval Times

    The students learned about forts and castles, as well as the life of peasants and lords.

  • 4/16/13 (T) Life in the Middle Ages

    The students read and discussed information about life in the middle ages when it came to women, recreation and minorities (see Study Guides/ Worksheets/Links for copies of the worksheets and answers.  Students will need this information for the upcoming test).

  • 4/17/13 (W) The Black Death

    Students discussed how the Black Death spread and the 3 different strains of the plague.  Then, students watched a brief video about Black Death made by 7th grade students several years ago as a project.

  • 5/1/13 (W) The Vikings

    Students discussed a handout on the Vikings and watched a video from History.com on the Vikings.  See Study Guides/Worksheets/Links for the handout and link to the video.

  • 4/11/13 (th) Serfs and the Homeless

    Students wrote comparisons between the homeless and medieval serfs when it comes to clothing, shelter, and food.

  • 4/9/13 and 4/10/13 Poster of Castle life

    Students worked in groups to design a poster about different aspects of castle life. 

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