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Learning Lab 4th and 6th Block  

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  • NTI Instructions


    Dear Learning Lab Students,

    Please choose from the following list for your NTI work days 1-10

    1. 3 ALEKS topics/plus 15 min in Quicktables working on times tables

    2.  1 IXL topic in Algebra 1 or Geometry

    3.  Go to the Quizlet link above and practice a set of times tables.  When you return to school I will test you over that set.  If you pass the test it will count for NTI.  If not you will have to study and retake.

    ******Every Student who finishes their NTI work before the NTI day or the day of will get rewarded in their bank account with $2.00 per NTI day. *******


    If you need a paper copy to do your NTI work please let me know.  There are files uploaded as well that can be used as NTI work.



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