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Measurement:  For Good Measure! 

Click on the Harcourt site to measure using centimeters.

Visit the LearnZillion site to watch a video on how to convert a smaller metric unit to a larger one.  Other good review videos are found on this site, such as how to estimate mass in kilograms using benchmarks.

Look at this cool clock that shows the year, month, day, hours, minutes, and seconds counting!  My how time flies when you're enjoying measurement!   

Go to FunBrain for measuring practice.

Play Measurement Jeopardy, which includes area and perimeter.

Practice your metric measurement skills by using benchmark flashcards found at the Cram.com study site.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MC9J1hlmsn4Watch Bill Nye's Measurement video here.

Another Jeopardy game focusing on both metric and customary measurements is found here.

Watch this video on customary units of measurement to see some helpful tips.

Here's a 5 minute version of the above video on customary units of measurement, including benchmarks.

Our Class Study Guide for metric conversions (unit 6)  is below:


Measurement Study Guide

  • Length is measured in the basic unit of _______________.
  • Weight/Mass is measured in the basic unit of _____________.
  • Volume is measured in the basic unit of _______________.


  • Metric conversions are changing a basic unit into a different unit.  An example of a metric conversion is changing a millimeter into a centimeter.


Kilo: means ____________; so it’s ____________ times larger than base

Centi:  means __________; so it’s ___________ times smaller than base

Milli:  means ___________; so it’s ___________ times smaller than base


  • Benchmarks:  (Consider which unit is best for measuring certain items.)
  • Millimeter- a pencil lead
  • Centimeter-the width of a ________________
  • Decimeter- the width of an adult _____________
  • Meter- from a doorknob to the floor at school
  • Kilometer-about ____ football fields or a little more than half mile
  • Gram-about the mass of a paperclip
  • Kilogram-about the mass of a large grapefruit


Hours, Minutes, and Seconds:

Know the relationship between hours, minutes, and seconds


Example-Cindy went to the movies; her movie lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes.  How many total minutes was her movie?  _______________


Conversion practice:

2 kg = __________ g                         5 L = __________ ml

3,000 ml = ____________L                3 kg 427 g = ____________ g

4 m = ___________ cm                      6 m = _____________ mm


*You may also want to review your handouts and journal notes.