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What We Are Learning/Student Work

March 17th-24th:  
5th Grade - We are continuing ukuleles this week.  We reviewed C, F & G chords.  Students had some independent time to practice these chords.  We learned the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" from the Lion King.  We learned a new chord, A minor.
4th Grade - Students tested for their next belt test.
3rd Grade - We learned the following poem:
Pass one window Tideo
Pass two windows Tideo
Pass three windows Tideo
Jingle at the window Tideo
Jinglin' jinglin, jinglin' Joe
Jingle at the window Tideo
We learned body percussion to this poem then learned it as a song.  We added instrumental accompaniment to the song.
We also learned a dance to the song.
2nd Grade - We continue to work on our musical songs.  We also learned a hand clapping game called "lemonade/crunchy ice"
1st Grade - We discussed emotions and colors to Dr Seuss' My Many Colored Days.  Studetns moved to the music according to how it made them feel.
We learned the song and motions to "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain When She Comes"
We reviewed the rhythms of the different presidents.
We learned a hand clapping game called Miss Mary Mack.
March 8th-14th:
 5th Grade - We have started ukuleles!  This week we learned that parts of the ukulele, how to hold it, basic strumming and chords C, F & G.  We were able to play "You are My Sunshine" by the end of class.  
4th Grade - We are continuing to work on our recorder songs.  This week we learned High C and High D on the recorder.  Students are testing for their next belt test.
3rd Grade - 3rd grade did drum circles this week!  Drum circles help us with focus and expressing ourselves through rhythm We did the following drum activities - 
Call and Response - The teacher plays a rhythm and the students play it back 
Secret Pattern - Teacher plays a pattern that students are not allowed to play.  If the students play the pattern when they aren't supposed to, they have to turn their drum over.
Let's All Play Our Drum because it's So Much fun - Students are only allowed to play on the words "drum" and "fun." The teacher speeds up the phrase to see if they are listening.
Pieces of 8- Students improvise rhythms on their drum when the teacher calls their number.
Rumble Ball - If the ball is in the air, students get to rub the drum head; if the leader rolls the ball on the floor, the cirlce can improvise on their drum; when the leader throws the ball in the air, the circle hits the drum once when the leader catches the ball.
2nd Grade - We are beginning work on our spring musical, "How Does Your Garden Grow."  This week we listened to the whole show and began work on 2 of our songs.
1st Grade - We took a portion of a Dr Seuss book and added body percussion and instruments to it!
February 13th-March 3rd:
Ms. Neal, our student teacher from Asbury University taught lessons to the students to finish out her student teachg time with our students.  We really enjoyed having her in the music classroom and all of the things she taught us!
February 6th-10th:
This week, Mrs Harrod was at a conference, but students still participated in music activities with a substitute!
5th GradeComposing - Students began a composition last week.  Students used their papers to finish and perfect their composition.   After students finished their composition, they played it for their partner who completed a peer assessment  checklist. Rhythm Practice – Let them practice laying out and playing rhythms on the rhythm sticks with each other. Students worked in pairs. Each pair will get one set of rhythm sticks and one bag of rhythm cards.

4th Grade:  Recorders Students worked on lines and spaces and completed a worksheet. They are supposed to draw notes on the spaces indicated and write the letter name of the notes on the second half of the page. The order of the notes will spell words. Belt Test – Once they have turned in their worksheet paper, they practiced on purple belt and waited to be called for their belt test.  Classes will be tested for purple belt (Old McDonald Had a Farm) this week. 

3rd Grade: 3 Beat Rhythm Patterns:

Last week, students learned how to group rhythms into 3 beats each.

Rhythm cards - T puts rhythms in groups of three beats on the board and has the students echo after saying the rhythm     

After some practice, students find a partner.  Each pair of students gets a bag of rhythm cards.  They then made 3 beat rhythms for each other and speak the rhythm for each other.  They could also make 3 beat rhythm patterns together and say them together.  Slap It! – Cards are on the board for the line notes on the staff.  The students are in teams.  One member of each team gets a fly swatter.  The T calls out a note name…when the teacher says go, the students have to slap the correct note on the board.  The first person who slaps it and gets it right gets a point for their team. 

2nd Grade:

Poem and Pitch – Students have been working with pitch and high/low sounds


I know a little kitty, (Hands on toes)

Her coat is silver gray (Hands on ankles)

She lives down in the meadow (Hands on knees)

Not very far away (Hands on thighs)

She’ll always be a kitty (Hands on waist)

She’ll never be a cat (Hands on shoulders)

For she’s a little kitty (Hands on head)

Now what do you think of that? (Reach into the air)

Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow Meow (Call out SCAT CAT!)

After reading the poem, have students did the motions. 

The poem is color coded.  Students received a boomwhacker.  Students played boomwhackers to each line of the poem.

“Sounds on the Farm” – Class talked about the animals that students might see on the farm. Discuss the sounds that the animals make and help the class decide if each animal makes a loud or a soft sound. Then, students took turns choosing an animal from the options in the cards. The students will speak or sing the words again either loudly or softly, depending on the animal that was chosen. Students take turns until each student has chosen an animal from the cards.

1st Grade:  Peter and the Wolf- We have already learned about Peter and the Wolf and watched the video so they have an idea of what this story is about.  Review Story – Students read the story of Peter and the wolf to the students to remind them of the story.  We reviewed the characters in the story.  We Played the CD and let students determine which character goes with each instrument in the story. Coloring Books –  Each student received a coloring book of the characters/instruments and they were able to color the pictures in the booklets   Lone Wolf GameStudents sit in a circle and the teacher leads them in keeping a beat pattern on their bodies.  They have to change this pattern a number of times.Once child will be chosen to be the wolf.  They will go hide in the hallway.  Once the wolf is hidden, the teacher then chooses a leader.  The leader has to change their pattern while the class follows.  The wolf comes to the center of the circle and gets 2 guesses to try and find who the leader is.  They are not allowed to point to the leader or call out the leader’s name.  

January 30th-February 3rd:
5th Grade - This week students began composing their own melody to the following poem:
Rain on the green grass
Rain on the tree
Rain on the rooftop
But not on me
Students had to write out the rhythm of the poem on staff paper.  They then used a xylophone to write the notes on the staff above the rhythm.  
4th Grade - Students used their purple belt song (Old MacDonald Had a Farm) to identify the line and space notes in the song.  They then finished testing for green belt and began practicing for their purple belt test.
3rd Grade
2nd Grade - 2nd grade listened to a story I told about my cat getting into my ingredients while I was baking a cake at home.  We learned and sang the following song:
Naughty Naughty Cat
You are very fat
You have butter on your whiskers
Naughty Naughty Cat
We listed baking ingredients on the board and students had to use body percussion to create a 4 beat word pattern using ingredients from the board.  (Example:  sugar butter milk sugar)We then reviewed high and low.  Students had to play the xylophone on the lyric "naughty naughty cat" at the end of the song.  They then made their own xylophone to take home!
2nd Grade students making
1st Grade - We are learning how music tells a story!  We watched Peter and the Wolf.  We discussed the characters in the story and listened to the instrument that each character represents.  We took a listening quiz to see how well we could match the sounds to the characters.
January 23rd-27th:
5th Grade - We are learning line and space notes on the staff.  We played various games including students using candy to find a line or space!
We watched a really fun little video describing the line and space notes on the staff.  Watch HERE!
4th Grade - We learned low note D on the recorder.  Students practiced independently and tested for Green Belt which is "It's Raining, It's Pouring"
You can listen to the green belt HERE.
3rd Grade - We looked at the following poem:
Late at night the snowflakes start to fall,
They each gently fall to the earth...
School is cancelled for the day the children run outside to play
They run and dance and skip and prance
There's snow upon the ground
Students broke into groups and had to take the 4 underlined words and replace them with other locomotor and non locomotor words then act them out when the poem was spoken.
ANGKLUNGS - we also played a melody on instruments called angklungs.

2nd Grade - We did some vocal exploration with Frosty's snowballs.
We learned that notes sit on lines and spaces and practiced this concept with a game and an assessment.
We listened to the Skater's Waltz and practiced moving in counts of 3 by "ice skating" around the classroom with paper plates on our feet!
1st Grade - We did some vocal exploration with Frosty's snowballs.
We read the book "Snowy Day" and used our imaginations to act it out.
We then listended to Vivaldi's "Winter" and students had to draw a picture of what the music made them think about.
We learned the following song:
Snowflakes, snowflakes
Look at all the snowflakes
Twirling round, not a sound
Falling gently to the ground
Students had to take turns keeping the steady beat on a xylophone while the rest of the class sang.
January 17th-20th:
5th Grade - We are taiko drumming this week!  Students learned about the art of taiko drumming and the infusion of drumming techniques with martial arts.   We then learned a couple of taiko  drumming routines on large water bottles.
Click HERE to watch a taiko drumming demonstration from Japan!
4th Grade - Students worked on recorder compositions this week.  They had to write a melody to the lyrics:
Happy New Year, Happy New Year
I hope you have a Happy New Year
Students had to write their melody, play it on their recorder, and then perform if for a partner.
They also practiced for their green belt.
1st-3rd Grade - These grade levels participated in Chinese New Year Activities!  
We first watched a video about Chinese New Year.  You can watch that HERE
We performed dragon dances, played instruments to Chinese New Year poems, and read the Chinese folk talke Tiki Tiki Tembo and perfomed rhythms and improvised a melody.
Dragon Dancebooks
December 7th-11th:
5th Grade - We are learning to improvise to "Jingle Bells" on the barred instruments this week!
4th Grade - This week we reviewed  E and students could test for Orange Belt and begin practice on their Green belt.
3rd Grade - We did holiday centers this week!  Centers focused on holiday songs, carols, games and the Nutcracker.
2nd Grade - We watched and talked about sections of the Nutcracker this week. 
1st Grade - We are learning the story of the "Nutcracker" this week.  We are creating dances to a few of the songs such as: 
"The Nutcracker March"
"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy"  
November 24th-28th:  Happy Thanksgiving Break!!
November 17th-21st:
5th Grade - We are continuing our learning about Native American music and dance.  This week we incorporated those elements into Native American storytelling.  We discussed how Native Americans use pictographs to write and pass down their legends and stories through the generations.  Students broke into groups and created a pictograph story which they told and put together using the elements of Native American music and dance.  We will share, video and finish this project the week after Thanksgiving break.
4th Grade:  This week we will be testing for orange belt and working on our green belt song.  We have learned B-A-G-E on the recorder.  
3rd Grade:  learned a Native American song and created a dance to go with it.  Each group shared their dance with the rest of the class and they discussed what they liked about each dance.
2nd Grade:  We will begin work on our songs for "A Holiday Moosical!" this week.  
1st Grade - We listened to a couple Native American stories and played a the steady beat on a pow wow drum while singing a Native American melody.
This week, November 10th-14th:  
5th Grade - We are looking at Native American music this week! We talked about Native American music, instruments and dance schema. We also watched a couple of Native American dance demonstrations: A Cherokee singing demonstration, a Navajo bow and arrow dance, an Apache war dance and a pole flying ritual.  We then learned a Native American Paiute stick game song that would help children feel the beat of the drum.  This strong beat is what they consider "the heartbeat of nature."

To watch the Native American hoop dance, please click HERE.

To watch the Native American powerpoint, please click HERE.

4th Grade - We have been busy working on our belt tests but this week we took a break and looked at the Native American flute.  We watched a short video clip about a man makes Native American flutes and he demonstrates the flute and talks about it's importance in Native American culture and music.  We then learned a Native American  melody on our recorders.  We also added drums and rattles to this melody.

This melody also helped us learn a new note: E.




3rd Grade:  We learned about Native American music and looked at the elements of dance, music and instruments in NA culture.

We learned a Native American game song.

2nd Grade:  We talked about the steady beat and instruments in Native American music

1st Grade:  We talked about the steady beat and instruments in Native American music


This week, October 26th-30th:  

5th Grade - We are doing some music listening to a piece called "Danse Macabre."  Otherwise as the "Dance of Death," this piece helps students listen and identify the elements of music: melody, harmony, form, dynamics, rhythm and tempo. 

You can take a look at the powerpoint we watched HERE



4th Grade -   We are reviewing B-A-G on our recorders. We are also doing our first belt test this week!  Students are testing for white and yellow belt.  We are also learning a new song to introduce a new note: E.  "Skin and Bones" is a fun Halloween song that we play to learn our new note, E.  We also play a fun Halloween game with this song.


3rd Grade - We began talking about the changing of the seasons this week!  We read a book entitled, "Sky Tree."  This book showed how a tree changes through the seasons.  We then talked about the squirrels and how they prepare for winter during the fall season.  We learned a song and played a game called "Let Us Chase the Squirrel."  6 students were trees, the rest squirrels.  We sang the song then the students had to find a tree to go to, but only 2 squirrels could be on a tree.  We continued to eliminate squirrels and trees until we had a winner! 

We then listened to Vivaldi's "Autumn" and discuss how leaves fall from trees.  We danced with scarves, showing how leaves move with our bodies.





2nd grade read the book, "The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything." We took a look at the sound words and accompanied the book with instruments we thought matched the sound words. We also learned the following poem:
Who's that knocking at my door?
Won't you let me in?
Students broke into pairs and had to come up with a dramatic play about who was knocking at their door and why they were knocking at their door. Each group shared their dramatic play with the class.



1st Grade We read the book, Pumpkin Soup, by Helen Cooper. We made a pot of our own by looking at ingredients that had one sound and two sounds that would go into our pumpkin stew. We learned the song Pumpkin Stew and then created rhythmic building blocks with our one sound and two sound ingredients and performed them with a partner.

As we sang the song, students were able to take turns playing the steady beat on a xylophone. If they played the steady beat correctly and used excellent mallet technique, they were able to pick a piece of candy out of the pumpkin stew 'pot.' We also listed ingredients that would go into our pumpkin stew. We divided our words into 1 sound (ta) and 2 sounds (ti-ti). We looked at and spoke different ta and ti-ti rhythm patterns, then each student got to create and write rhythms of their own!

This week, October 19th-23rd:
5th Grade - We are beginning work on the elements of music this week:  melody, harmony, rhythm, form, timbre, tempo, dynamics.
We are learning the song:
Autumn leaves are falling down to the ground
Autumn leaves are falling down to the ground
Yellow red, yellow red, orange, brown
Autumn leaves are falling down to the ground.
We looked at the form of the piece (AABA), said and clapped the rhythm.  We then learned the melody of the song on the xylophones.  Students had to take the B section and improvise their own melody.  We then added other parts creating harmony with the melody.
4th Grade - We have gotten off to a great start on our recorders!  We have learned how to blow into the recorder correctly, how to hold the recorder, the fingering for B-A-G and began to practice our white belt song.  They did an assessment on the parts of the musical staff and began to test for their white belt song.
3rd Grade - We are learning to be leaves this week!  We took a look at a powerpoint of different leaves and people doing different things with leaves.  They then had to create a leaf story with a picture that went along with that story.  They wrote a poem about the movement of leaves, then created a leaf dance to Vivaldi's "Autumn."
2nd Grade - We learned about locomotor and nonlocomotor movements this week!  We learned the definitions of each word and then practiced doing different movements that show locomotor and nonlocomotor.  Students then were given a scarf and had to use locomotor and locomotor movements while dancing to Vivaldi's "Autumn."
1st Grade - We are spiders this week!  We read the book "The Very Busy Spider" by Eric Carle.  We then learned the following rhythm on a drum:  The spider kept on working, until the job was done.  We read the story again, with the students playing and saying the rhythm in different parts of the story.  We also sang "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" with motions and crawled around like a spider while I played it on the piano.  They had to listen carefully to the tempo (fast/slow) of the song so that was how fast or slow they could move.  We also worked some more with high and low on the xylophones, talking about the spider going UP the water spout and the rain coming DOWN.
This week, October 12th-16th:  FALL BREAK!  Have a wonderful and safe week off!
This week, October 5th-9th:
It's dance week! Mr. Hazlett (the PE teacher) and myself are collaborating this week and teaching all of the students some of the basic elements of dance and movement: space (open and closed), locomotor/non-locomotor, pathways, and shape while maintaining the tempo and reflection of the music. We are also reviewing the elements of Dance: SPACE, TIME, and FORCE.
5th grade- This week we are concentrating on using elements to form sculptures with our bodies. Each student begins by creating a 2 or 4 beat pattern that repeats. The movement ostinato can use quarter, half or whole notes. It had to end in a position where they could repeat it over and over. Then students form into cooperative learning teams. They reorganize their movements to link together to form some kind of design or machine or conveyor system. This 'machine' has to show multiple levels, different shapes and rhythms. The students check the flow by using a tennis ball to pass through their 'machine.' We have a reflection time at the end where we comment and compliment each groups performance.
4th gradeis exploring pathways this week. We first explored our space by using patterns of walk and rest. We played a "pathway" game where the students locate a 'home spot' on the floor. They can move around the room in any pathway they want, but at the end of 16 beats, they had to be back in their home spot. They then had to do the same thing with a partner; however, they were not allowed to touch or talk to their partner. All communication had to be used with their body language.
We also played a drop-off game. The formed single lines of 8 people...they play follow the leader for 20 beats and the clap to "freeze" the leader into a statue. The remaining players turn in 4 beats to follow a new leader at the other end of the line.
3rd gradeis working on open and closed shapes and high, middle, and low levels. They started out in pairs. One person is seated, and the other person stands behind. The standing partner makes a statue shape. When signaled the seated partner turns around and adds a complimentary shape. They switch roles and continue. We then switched to groups of 3 and create the same process. After experimenting in small groups with different shapes, we then stand in a circle as a class and number off. The first number that is called goes to the center of the circle and creates a shape statue. As a number is called, that person adds a complimentary shape. When signaled the group carefully disassembles, backing away from the center as if drawn to rejoin the circle.
1st/2nd grade- they are learning the basics about locomotor/non-locomotor motion and high, middle, low levels and direction (left/right). I spread exercise dots out on the floor. When students are directed to do a non-locomotor movement, they have to stand on a dot and demonstrate a verb from the non-locomotor list. When directed to use a locomotor movement, they can travel from dot to dot using a locomotor movement of their choice. We then got out the giant parachute. We looked at the different levels at which we can hold the parachute and different ways we can travel with it (out, in, right, left, up and down).
This week, September 28th-October 2nd:
5th Grade - This week we finished up our projects and watched the video clips of our performances.  We did both a self assessment and a peer assessment to talk about our work and our performances.
4th Grade - We got our recorders this week!  We looked at different music symbols that will help us read music and identified the parts of the musical staff.  We also discussed recorder etiquette and the correct places to play our recorder and how to be responsible for them.
3rd Grade - Learned about Beethoven and his life.  We talked about how it would be hard to write music while being deaf.  We watched a short video about Beethoven's life and the emotions he experienced because of his deafness.
2nd Grade - We reviewed a quarter note (Ta), eighth notes (Ti-Ti) and a quarter rest (Sh) this week.  We used popsicle sticks to create rhythms using ta and ti-ti.  We then took an assessment where each student had to write a 4 beat rhythm using ta, ti-ti and sh.
1st Grade -  We continued our work with the musical alphabet and learning about pitch.  We learned "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the melody bells and talked about melody patterns.  We also identified ta and ti-ti in the rhythm of the song.  
This week, September 21st-25th:
5th Grade - We are continuing our rhythm projects this week.  We discussed the components of Dance (Space, Time and Force).  The groups then had to incorporate those 3 components of dance into their rhythms then each group performed for the class while I videotaped their performance.  Next week we will watch the videos and do a self assessment and a peer assessment of their products and performances.
4th Grade - We looked back at Wee Willie Winkie from a couple weeks ago and learned to play the melody of the song on a xylophone.  We also reviewed a bourdun (the bass steady beat) and played that along with the melody.  We also began to talk about harmony.
3rd grade worked with the poem:
Good Night, sleep tight
Don't let the bed bugs bite
If they do, take your shoe
Hit them 'til their black and blue
We discussed how many beats are in the poem, and how many phrases/lines the poem had. They broke into groups of 2 and had to act out one line of the poem. Then they combined and made groups of 4 and had to interpret the entire poem with the words and then without the words.  We also identified what improvisation is and improvised a melody on the xylophones using the rhythm of "Good Night, Sleep Tight."

2nd Grade: We are taking a look at a book called, "The Squiggle." It is a Chinese story about line and what a piece of string can do. We discuss elements of dance such as direction, shape and pathway. Each student gets a piece of string to play with and create different shapes, then pathways. We then developed our shapes into talking about how a melody moves.  

We looked at different shapes and discussed how the melody can move up and down or even stay the same.

1st Grade - We are reading "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" this week!  This is a great sound book to play instruments to.  We played drums and shakers to accompany the reading of the book.  We also talked about how the music alphabet is different from the regular alphabet.  
We learned the letters of the music alphabet:  A B C D E F G.  We discussed pitch and how it relates to baseball, but also to music.  We played the melody bells to hear the different pitches.
Take a look at the CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM Song HERE!
This week, September 14th-18th:  
This week all classes sang some folk and patriotic songs.  We also reviewed our instruments of the orchestra by playing instrument bingo.
This week, September 7th-11th:
All classes are finishing up their lessons from last week.
This week, August 31st-September 4th:
All classes this week are watching 2 short video clips: 1) A 3 minute clip about science and how sound is produced; it also dicusses how our ear works and how we hear an interpret different sounds.  2) A 5 minute clip about how my classroom xylophones are made; this shows students how the xylophones are made and what is needed to create the different pitches on the instruments.

5th grade we are focusing on rhythm this week: quarter notes (ta), eighth notes (ti-ti) and sixteenth notes (ti-ka-ti-ka). We practiced four different rhythms as a class. We then got into groups or 4 and created our own 16 beat rhythm using rhythmic building blocks. We wrote these rhythms down on paper. Each group then had to begin creating body percussion for their rhythms. We shared our "rough drafts" at the end of class.

4th grade is learning about Wee Willie Winkie this week. We looked at and discussed the poem, then in groups of 3, they had to build a house with their bodies that included a working door and window. We then learned a melody to the poem and played a fun game with the houses they created with their bodies.
Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town
Upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown
Tapping at the windows, crying at the lock
Are the children in their beds for now it's eight o'clock!

3rd grade is breaking into groups and acting out and playing non-pitched percussion to the poem:
Fishy, fishy in the brook
Daddy caught you with a hook
Momma fried you in the pan
Baby at you like a man

We also talked about melodic direction and pitch.  We took the poem and use our voices to change the pitches of our voice by going up and down or staying the same when we sing/speak the poem.

2nd grade did some spelling this week! We are continuing to examine the difference between steady beat and rhythm. We worked with

'r-a-t...t-l-e...s-n-a-k-e spells rattlesnake.' Once we learned the spelling phrase, we played a duck duck goose type of game where whoever was 'it' would tap the shoulders of each person while we said the poem and then when finished that person had to come to the middle and play the steady beat on the drums while we continued to play the game. Then we lined up in 3 lines like snakes and tapped the shoulders of the person in front of them while we said the poem. Whoever was at the front of the snake was able to play it on a drum. We finished our rattlesnake poem by breaking into pairs of 2 and they had to show the beat using body percussion and then we shared our experiences with each other.

I also had them talk about rhythm today.  The students created rhythm building blocks.  They created rhythms using ta, ti-ti and rest.

1st Grade We talked about pitch today.  We learned about high and low.  We listened and determined high pitches and low pitches while playing those on instruments.

We also learned about the 4 types of classroom instruments: woods, metals, shakers, and drums.
We looked at the instruments and discussed how they are played and what they are made of. Then they did an assessment where they had to put the instruments into their corrrect group of wood, metal, shaker, or drum.

This week, August 24th-28th:
This week we are learning about the classroom instruments. We learned the correct way to take care of them and to play them. The3rd through 5th grades are learning about creating dramatic play and playing the rhythm of these poems on an instrument. Each grade level used poetry to create their melodies:
3rd Grade:
Bounce High, Bounce Low
Bounce the Ball to Shiloh

4th Grade:
We are decorating our recorder folders this week and preparing for our recorder units for the year.
5th Grade:
Creeping up the garden wall
Why am I so slow?
Because I take my house with me
Everywhere I go.

1st and 2nd Grade :   We did some motor skill activities with bean bags
.  We also learned the poem:
1-2 Buckle my shoe
3-4 Shut the door
5-6 Pick up sticks
7-8 Lay them straight
9-10 Big fat hen
We used drums and xylophones to play the numbers and the words.  This taught us about waiting our turn to play an instrument and how to play the instrument correctly.

This week, August 17th-24th:

Welcome back to school!! I'm so glad that everyone had a wonderful summer and it's so great that the kids are excited about a new school year. I know I am! This first week we are covering all of the rules and procedures in the music classroom. Intermediate (3rd, 4th and 5th) explored on the instruments. They all picked one instrument and had to describe to a partner what it looked like, what it was made of, how you play it and what it sounds like. Primary students began working with a partner to figure out ways to keep the steady beat to music.
It's going to be a great year and I can' wait to see the exploring and creating we are going to do!