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Schedules and Parent Information


Any information you need about my classroom will be located on the bulletin board outside of my classroom!
The RDES Arts program now has an account on Twitter!
If you have a Twitter account, please follow us for program information,
special events and what's going on in our art and music department!
Username:  RDES Arts
Twitter Handle:  @RDESArts
MUSIC Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5


5th Grade


Piatt Theobald Cornelius



4th Grade

Rose Lownds Clark Haga Heister


Lunch/Plan Lunch/Plan Lunch/Plan Lunch/Plan Lunch/Plan



3rd Grade

Seamands Cox Kenimer Carter Worthington


1st Grade

Bohnett Burden


Orange Woodward


2nd Grade

Carlstedt Fitch Figg Mulcahy Sanders



3-4 pm


Music Enrichment

7:30-8:00 am









If you need to reach me for any reason, you may contact me by email or by phone:

Email: amy.harrod@jessamine.kyschools.us 

Phone: (859) 885-6670 ext. 100
For more information about what's going on in our school, please visit our website:
I am in need of HAND SANITIZER and TISSUES for my classroom!! With the illnesses going around I do my best to make sure every student receives hand sanitizer when coming into my classroom and using my materials and instruments. If you could donate any hand sanitizer or tissues to the music room, I would appreciate it!
WISH LIST: Here is a list of things I could use for the music room. If you are able to donate any of these items, that would be wonderful!! Please feel free to drop these by the music room at any time. Thanks!

    • Treats for the treat basket  
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    • Band Aids
    • Recorders
    • Blank CD's and CD-R's
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Kleenex










Below are the goals I have for all of my students in the music classroom:

Here is what I want all 5th grade students to have when they leave 5th grade

1. Basic working knowledge of the language of music.
2. Appreciate the value of music in multiple facets of everyday life.
3. Express yourself creatively in a music environment.

Subcategories that fit under my umbrellas
1a. Rhythm
1b. Melody (direction, pitch)
1c. Tempo
1d. Timbre
1e. Harmony
1f. Dynamics
1g. Form

2a. Cultural differences
2b. Music in every day life (commercials, soundtracks, radio)
2c. Styles of music
2d. Purposes of music
2e. Composers / great works

3a. Singing
3b. Playing various instruments
3c. Responding to music (either musically, through dance, written theory, drama, or through art)
3d. Compose or improvise musically

What I want to report to parents:

I will give a narrative of opportunities that I will provide to students every 9 weeks that will explain what I did to help them achieve the goals listed as above.



4 - Excellent (Distinguished)
The student is right on track with academic standards. A 4 should be celebrated!
3 - Good (Proficient)
The student is making progress toward the standard. There are still parts they are learning and may not yet independently meet grade level expectations.
2 - Needs Improvement (Apprentice)
The student needs continual support to meet the standard.
1 - Unacceptable (Novice)
The student is consistently performing below expected grade level standards.