October 31 Lunch with Hattie's Pumpkins

Lunch Times:

11:00-11:25 Lehane Beale 11:10-11:35 Allen Burns

11:20-11:45 Chisholm Limbach 11:30-11:55 Lowe Rust

11:40-12:05 Cain Ardery  11:50-12:15 Nau

11:50-12:15 Sloan Peyton 12:00-12:25 Price Scott

12:10-12:35 Fretwell Metzenberg 12:20-12:45 Ferguson Simpson

12:30-12:55 Gilliam Ratliff

Change in Morning Procedures

Therefore, we would ask that if you would like to walk your child to

his/her classroom in the morning, you follow these procedures:


**Sign-in in the office before walking your child to his/her

 classroom so we know who is in the building and sign out as

you leave and


Lunch Changes

 Our wellness policy states that if you bring outside food into the

school to eat with your child, that you and your child will eat in

an alternate location. We have previously interpreted the policy to

be a separate location, such as the office area. 

Dental Hygiene Program

                     Dental Hygiene Program 

                       NEW THIS YEAR  

     The Jessamine County Health Department is now offering 

     preventive dentistry at school.  Your child can receive a

     dental cleaning, fluoride varnish, dental sealants, oral  

     hygiene instruction and a dental assessment at school. 

     Watch your child’s folder for more information. 

Enterovirus Information for Parents

What do I need to know about the enterovirus?


Your child’s health and safety are of the utmost importance to us.  You’ve likely heard about enterovirus D68, or EV-D68 in the news recently.   This virus can be particularly problematic for children with underlying breathing issues or with a compromised immune system.   As with other illnesses, including the flu, we will monitor this situation in our schools and follow district protocol for any necessary precautions.  

We’ve included some information below to help you better understand the enterovirus D68.  As always, please consult your family physician with any additional questions or concerns or if your child exhibits symptoms.

How Do I Contact Either Building??

Warner Elementary 859-885-3085

Warner Intermediate Center 859-887-9274 (WARI).

What time does school begin

Our school day begins at 8:00am and ends at 2:50pm

You may drop off your child at 7:30am.

Recycle with us

Do you have old cell phone, printer cartridges, mp3 players, digital cameras and laptops laying around your house that is broken or not being used. You can recycle them with Warner Elementary and the school will earn money toward each item we turn into the recycling company. 



upcoming events :

Family Resource

 Important Information from Family Resource

The Family Resource Center has an account with Goodwill.  We are able to write vouchers to our families in order to give them an opportunity to obtain needed clothing.  That’s where we could use your help.  If you are doing some cleaning at home and have things to donate, Goodwill will accept those on our behalf if you let them know that you are donating to the Warner Account. You may donate in Nicholasville or Lexington, and we will still receive credit. We would really appreciate your help!!



Backpack for Hunger Project


Southland Christian Church has adopted Warner elementary School as a community partner. One of the projects that provides for our students is the Backpack for Hunger Project.


The church members fill backpacks with a variety of nutritious foods. There is no cost to the students or families. Once the children empty the backpack, they return the SAME backpack to school to have it refilled. Our Family Resource Center (FRC) director, Diane  Hall, is always available to help in any way possible. If you have questions, please call 885-3085 ext.301.




Thanks so much,


Diane Hall

Warner Family Ties



PTO Representatives for 2014-2015
President- Candice Travers
Vice President- Jenny Fuller
2nd Vice President- Diane Lawson
Secretary- Dana Taylor
Treasurer- Lea Dotson