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JCS Work Seals Application


It is time for the 3rd Annual Work Ethic Seal from Jessamine County Schools. The application window runs to February 14th via a Google form at this link: Class of 2020 Work Ethic Seal Application

Things to note for Seniors about this award: 

  • Recipients of this award will receive a seal on their diploma, a pin for Graduation and a certificate which can be shared with employers in the community. 
  • As the years progress, this has become more recognizable within the community.Our goal is to increase awareness every year. 
  • Near the end of the May, the district will have an awards breakfast. Invitations to this event are sent out to eligible families. Last year's breakfast was wonderful and was a real draw for students. We have hundreds of students hear to celebrate and everyone loved it.
  • Attendance is a major factor. We had over 90 students from WJHS receive this award last year and could have a lot more if students kept UNEXCUSED absences under 5 day. Excused absences do not factor into consideration for this award.
  • Every Senior should go ahead and fill out an application and we will look through for qualifications.
  • Applications opened Monday January 6th and will close February 14th. 
  • There are 12 Questions total with checkbox and very short response. The final section asks students to list   3 references with phone numbers
  • They need to know their career pathway (it is listed on IC for every student)
  • 5 UNEXCUSED absences is the cutoff, so if a Senior student has 5 or less UNEXCUSED absences they should apply. Excused absences DO NOT count against students for this award. If we just get everyone to apply, I will go through and check attendance.
  • Passing the "JCS Professional Series" is a requirement described in the Criteria Section (see attached PDF). This will be fulfilled at the school for any student interested on February 27th in a mock interview at WEST HIGH with community members and representatives from area businesses. Students will report from classes and we will have the schedule out for that day about a week ahead. All of the kids had a good time with this last year. The interviewers are one on one with some really sweet and great community members. As for now, Senior students with less than 5 absences can apply for the Work Ethic Seal now without having passed the "JCS Professional Series". 

Thanks again for your help. We are looking forward to rewarding our Seniors as well as building the tradition in the Jessamine County community and with area businesses.



Click here for the Application

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