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For Student Chromebooks

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In order for students to receive a Chromebook, we must have the following items completed or turned in:


On OLR there is a technology agreement, but this is only for the Acceptable Use Policy for using technology. Please note that we must have all parents fill out the Chromebook Contract for their child.


We already have a Chromebook, can my student just use that at school?

Unfortunately no. In order to use our school network, students must have a school device.

May students use their own case and/or decorate their Chromebook?

It is fine for students to use their own case for their Chromebooks. Last year, we provided sleeves to students for carrying their Chromebooks and we have some of those available again. We also hope to procure snap-on cases that students can purchase using the school fee.

As far as stickers and other decorations, students must return their Chromebook back sticker free without leftover adhesive and should not place stickers onto the Chromebook itself. Placing stickers on the case is a great alternative.

What is the $50 for?

The $50 school fee helps us supplement our purchase and maintenance of Chromebooks as well as other programs at school. This school fee can also serve as a type of insurance as the first incident which requires repair can be covered with this money.

What happens if damage occurs to the Chromebook?

We expect students to be responsible and protective of their Chromebooks; however, accidents may happen. Anytime, there is damage, you will be contacted via phone or email by your student's teacher(s) and/or our School Technology Coordinator, Ms. Sheena Roller. In this case, the school fee will kick in and then if there is further damage that will need to be paid for by students and their families. This is outlined in the Chromebook contract.

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