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WJHS Families, 

We are entering that time of year when weather may force school to be canceled. Jessamine County is approved for up to 10 days of Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI). Teachers have prepared assignments ahead of time for each of those days. NTI work can be found on teacher websites at

Some important info about NTI work:

- NTI work will count as a grade.

- Students should only complete NTI work for the day(s) that school is canceled, please don't work ahead.

- The timeline for turning in assignments is a follows- student will have the days missed, plus the same number of school days when we return in order to turn that work in. For example, if school is canceled for 2 consecutive days, students will have those 2 days, plus 2 school days when we return to in order to turn in assignments. We will do regular reminders to students on when work is due. 

- If your student needs hard copies of assignments for NTI, please have them speak with their teachers. 

We are hopeful that we can continue through the first semester before we use any NTI days, but it never hurts to plan ahead. Please contact a counselor or teacher if you have questions regarding NTI. 

Thank you, 

Brady Thornton

WJHS Principal