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Math Games

Dividing a decimal by a power of 10 Great video with practice afterward.
Manga High Multiply and divide decimals by powers of 10.
MAP Interventions Play games that match your RIT score on the MAP test.

Manipulatives Need help? Here are lots of manipulatives (many we have used in class) that can help you to work out problems.

10 times more lesson An explanation for values when you move left or right.

10 times more video More explanations!

Rounding Rap This will help you review the rounding steps...they are a little different than what we did in class, but it should still help.

Rounding Game More rounding practice.

Rounding Baseball Practice rounding and your swing!

Rounding Soccer Practice rounding.

Lesson for ordering decimals Need help with ordering decimals? Good explanation on this site.

Place Value Video Still having trouble with place value? Watch this video for more information.

Place Value Games After viewing the video above, practice with these games.

How to compare and order whole numbers Need help ordering numbers? This step by step video will help.

Explanation of function table Read this to help you understand how function tables work.

Function Machine Practice using a function machine.

Another function machine Play this game to have more practice.

Interpreting Expressions Video

Division with Remainders Great division practice with a model to illustrate the problem.

Base Ten Blocks with Decimals Practice adding and subtracting decimals with base ten blocks.

Multiplying Decimals Animation This animation will show how to multiply decimals.

Dividing Decimals Animation This animation will show how to divide decimals.

Function Table Game Practice finding the input, output or function (rule).

Decimal Detective Practice using decimals to solve the crime.

Math Dictionary Here you can find interactive definitions for math terms.

Measurement Game Practice measuring objects to the nearest 1/4 inch.

Measuring Mail Practice measuring using the metric system.

Cash Out Practice making change.

Centimeter Measuring Practice measuring objects to the nearest centimeter.

Number Forms Practice identifying number forms.

Virtual Ruler More measuring practice

Multiplication Games Practice multiplication facts with these fun games.
Bar Graph Lesson Learn about bar graphs.
Bar Graphs Learn more about bar graphs.
Billy Bug Practice locating points on a coordinate grid.
What's the Point? Practice naming points on a coordinate grid.
Coordinates Practice with points on a coordinate grid.
Create a Graph Practice making different types of graphs.
Using Bar Graphs Practice creating bar graphs.

Data Collection and Presentation Practice collecting data and creating bar graph and pictograph.

Pictograph Game

Perimeter and Area Fun Brain Calculate perimeter and area.

Perimeter and Area Movie Watch the movie to learn more about area and perimeter.

Perimeter and Area Learn about perimeter and area.

Angles 2 Name and construct angles.

Angles Practice naming types of angles.

3-D Shapes Learn about these shapes at this interactive website.

Shape Facts

Quadrilateral Game Create a quadrilateral with the given characteristics.

Quadrilateral Quest Classify quadrilaterals based on properties.

Polygon Classification Classify regular and irregular polygons.

Sorting Triangles Learn the characteristics of three triangles, and then classify using those characteristics.

Shape Lab Identify the given shapes.

Fraction Sorter Create the fractions then put them in order.

Equivalent Fractions

Identifying Fractional Parts

Identifying Fractions 2

Matching Fractions Match the fraction to the correct illustration.

Fraction Pizza Party Practice naming fractions.

Fraction Finder Create the given fraction.

Fraction Lessons Everything you wanted to know about fractions.
Double Bar Graphs Practice reading graphs.

Subtraction Star Play a game in order to practice subtraction.