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Reading Games

Mystery Stories to Read

Context Clues Millionaire Game

Making Inferences Use the clues to help you make the correct inference.

Inference Battleship Try to guess the location of your opponent's ship as you make inferences.

Inference Practice Finish the given sentence with an inference.

More Inference Practice Read short stories and make inferences.

Cause and Effect Paragraph Choose the correct response.

Cause and Effect Matching Game Match the causes with the effects.

Cause and Effect

Story Elements On this website, you will explore story elements using the story "Cinderella."

Fact or Opinion Practice deciding if the statement is a fact or an opinion.
Spelling City Practice this week's spelling words.

Sign Language Alphabet Use this chart to "sign" your spelling words.
Linking Verb Explanation This page explains Linking Verbs.

Linking Verbs Practice using Linking Verbs

Text Feature Flashcards Use flashcards to help you learn the meanings of text features.

Text Feature A short teacher tube video about Text Features.
Plays to Read/Perform Many plays to read and/or perform for fun!

Verb Games Practice identifying verbs

Past and Future Verbs Match the verb tense with a sentence.
Penguins on Ice Make sentences with the words given.
Subjects and Predicates Practice identifying the subjects and predicates in the sentences given.

Possessive Nouns Play possessive noun tic-tac-toe.

Noun Explorer Choose the correct plural form of the noun or the correct abbreviation in order to locate the treasure.

Plural Noun Jeopardy Answer questions showing that you know how to make nouns plural.

Plural Noun Tic Tac Toe Play tic tac toe while making words plural.

Plural Noun Another Jeopardy game to practice plurals.

Sequencing Practice putting events in order to uncover a hidden picture.

Poetry 4 Kids Read, write and enjoy funny poems.

Diamante Poems Write a poem in the shape of a diamond using synonyms and antonyms.

Shape Poems Write a poem that describes a specific object.

Writing Poetry Learn how to write poems from famous poets.

Poetry Scavenger Hunt Find the clues in the words of the poem.

Poetry Thinkquest Learn about poetry.

Idiom Completion

Idiom Match-up

Idiom Quia Game

Idiom Stories

Paint by Idioms

Fling the Teacher Identify figurative language.


Choose Correct Adjectives Choose the adjectives to complete the sentences.
Adjective Search Find the adjective in each sentence.
Analogies In this fun game, you race against the clock to complete the analogy.

Analogy Quiz Choose the word that completes the analogy.

Analogy Game Play this game alone or with a friend.

Analogy Battleship In this game, you will learn about the types of analogies.

Context Clues Tutorial Go through the lessons to learn more about how to use context clues.

Personal Pronouns Play this treasure hunt game. Identify the pronoun and then search for treasure!

Possessive Pronoun Hangman Practice identifying possessive pronouns with this fun game of Hangman.

Pronoun Jeopardy Find the correct pronoun for each sentence.

Pronoun Clubhouse Build a clubhouse by identifying the correct pronoun.

Mystery Stories Go to this site to read mystery stories that you can try and solve.