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Map Skills

National Geographic Mapmaker

Landforms explanations, song and rap! This video has it all!

Study Jams: Landforms More beautiful photos of landforms.

Find the Sunken Treasure Use a grid map to find the treasure.

Types of Maps A great video about the types of maps.

Reading a map Practice reading various types of maps.

Map Lesson Learn about different types of maps.
Geography Skills Plenty of Geography skills to practice as well as games that will help to develop those skills.

Landforms Name the various landforms.
Latitude and Longitude Lesson Review this lesson if you are having trouble.
Help Locate Hannah Use lines of latitude and longitude to locate Hannah.

Latitude and Longitude Treasure Hunt Help find the pirate treasure

Latitude and Longitude Game Practice your skills locating an exact location.

Latitude and Longitude Learn to locate place using latitude and longitude.

Treasure Hunt Use your map skills to help Eric find a missing treasure.

Continent Quiz Practice locating the continents of the world.

Interactive Continent Map More practice with locating the continents.

Name that Continent Game Still more continent practice.