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Line Song Song about parallel, intersecting, and perpendicular lines
Billy Bug  Work on finding locations on a grid using ordered pairs.
Lines of Symmetry Identify lines of symmetry in polygons.
Angles Help Robo Guy save the planet by identifying angles.
Polygon Match A memory game matching the polygon to its name.
Robopacker Rotate polygons to fit into a certain shape.
Quadrilaterals Identify these specific types of quadrilaterals.
Triangle Splat Identify types of triangles by angles and sides.
Drag and Drop  Classify triangles with this sorting activity.
Geo Math Play BINGO with Geometry
3-D Shapes Explore prisms and pyramid.

Measuring Angles-Learn How Watch this tutorial to learn about angles and measurement.

Measuring Angles Use a protractor to measure angles.

Alien Angles Estimate the size of an angle when give the measure of its angles.

Angles Game Estimate the size of the angle needed to shoot the spaceship.

Johnnie's Math Page There are many cool measuring angle websites linked to this page.
Math Live! Flips, Turns, and Slides Learn about flips, turns, and slides.
Tangrams Learn about the pieces that make up a tangram puzzle and make your own set!
Tangram Activities Create shapes with tans.
Tangram Activities Create shapes and animals using tans.