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Basic Needs of Animals


Animal Classification Learn how animals are classified.

Animal Classification Another cool site to learn about how animals are classified.

Where's the Octopus?  This is a cool video about camouflage.

Mimicry Find out how the king snake mimics the coral snake to protect itself.

Life Cylce of a Butterfly   This site has a video that shows the complete metamorphosis of a butterfly.

Life Cycles Learn about the life cycles of a butterfly, bird, and frog.

Animal Adaptations Discover how animal adaptations help students to meet their basic needs.

Animal Adaptations  Learn about animal adaptations and how they help the animals survive.

Create Your Wild Self! Create fun and exciting animals using existing animal adaptations

Bird Beak Adaptations Learn about the structure of bird beaks and how they help the bird get food.

Bird Feet Adaptations Learn about the structure of bird feet and how they help the animal survive.

Sequencing Life Cylce Stages  Correctly sequence the life cycle stages of a butterfly, frog, flower, and apple tree.