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Inportant Information

In case you are not aware, EJHS uses Standards Base grading, which is as follows:

Exceptional                 (E)      98 – 100

Mastery                       (M)     90 – 97

Approaching Mastery (AM)   80 – 89

Partial Mastery           (PM)   70 – 79

No Mastery                 (N)     1 – 69

Incomplete                  (I)      0


Most days we will follow the same schedule in my classroom.  Students come in and grab their binder, calculator and bell ringer.  Bell ringers are a review of the previous day(s) lessons.  After reviewing the bell ringer together, we will go over sample problems together as a class.  For the remainder of the class, students will work on their PODs (problems of the day).  If students don’t finish their sample problems or POD, they will need to complete it as homework and turn it in the next day of class.  Students are always welcome to ask me any questions they have from homework prior to turning it in.

 Summative assessments (tests) are the only work that counts toward your student’s grade.  Students must pass every summative assessment in order to pass the class.  If students fail a summative assessment, they are permitted to make corrections.  Before corrections can be made, students must show that they have correctly completed all classwork/ homework, which includes bell ringers, sample problems and PODs. I encourage students daily to keep all homework/classwork in case they ever need to make corrections to a summative assessment. 

If a student cannot show completed classwork/homework, I make available a folder in my classroom that contains a few copies of each assignment.  Students are welcome to use these copies to complete missing assignments. However, as students should already have these assignments, I keep only a set number of copies and these are available on a first come, first served basis.  If the extra copies have already been taken, students will have to do remediation online with Edgenuity.  They may complete all assignments and videos at home, but they must come after school to take the online test in the lab. 

 One of the most important tools I have as a teacher is communication—with both my students and their parents.  Please feel free to call, email or set up an appointment to come see me. I am typically available any Monday or Thursdays before school, but am always happy to meet at a time that is convenient for everyone.  I am always happy to answer any questions you may have or address any concerns you have as a parent. 

Looking forward to a great year,
Joe Kosin