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Homework Information



Your child will be responsible (daily) for reading homework.  The reading log is located in your child’s agenda/planner.  This needs to be filled out EVERY night and SIGNED by an adult once the student has finished his or her 20 minutes.  At times throughout the year, your child’s reading homework may be specifically assigned by the teacher and noted in the agenda/planner.  Accelerated Reading information will come home from Mrs. I early in the year.

*4th grade students are expected to complete/pass 2 AR books during each grading period!!

  Students will also have math and vocabulary/grammar homework at various times throughout the school year.  Math page assignments will vary depending on what we are learning at that time.  There will also be numerous occasions where students are assigned study guides as homework to help them prepare for tests.  These are always due and reviewed before the actual tests. 

  You will be able to locate your child’s homework in his/her binder with the agenda/planner listing the homework for the night (students are responsible for writing this down at the designated time).  Students who have completed their homework assignments for the entire week will get a special incentive!  Homework assignments are a great chance for you and your child to review what is learned in school!  Homework activities will start out light, but will grow progressively harder as the students learn new skills.

  You can help your child develop positive study skills by:

  1.  Making homework a priority.

  2.  Providing your child with a quiet workspace.

  3.  Helping if needed (including providing praise and support).

    4.  Contacting me if you notice a problem or just need advice.


**Always check the front and back of all homework pages (just in case)!**



Agendas/Planners will be placed in students’ backpacks at the end of each day.  This is the students’ responsibility.  On each page of the agenda/planner there are spots for homework in each subject and a place to record behavior each day.  Students’ reading logs are also included in this agenda and should be completed every night.  Students are responsible for filling out their agendas completely, including their behavior color and rationale.  This agenda helps you know what needs to be completed in order for your child to be successful.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding what needs to be filled in!