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Classroom Management

  We take behavior VERY seriously in fourth grade.  I personally believe that all children can achieve, and I will try my best to help each student go above and beyond what is expected of him/her as a fourth grader.  Our classroom rules revolve around respect and responsibility, as I believe that respect creates a successful classroom and responsibility builds successful citizens.

  Expectations of students will be stated before and throughout activities and transitions.  We will also hold times for reviewing rules and discussing behavior when it is necessary.  Students are rewarded for good behaviors in many ways.  When misbehavior does occur, students will move their clips down the chart.  If behavior worsens and/or is preventing the class from learning, students will be sent to the office and parents will be notified.  Other rewards and consequences are listed below.



praise (daily)

verbal reminders (warnings)

a sweet treat

time out of an activity

Lunch Bunch

partial loss of recess or free time

positive note/call home

note home

extra recess

phone call home

prize box

office referral

losing marbles

moved clip (down)

Homework Hoops


moved clip (up)  


Clip System:

Our classroom uses a clip system to reward good behaviors and learn from poor decisions.  Students will “clip down” for negative behaviors and “clip up” for exceptional behaviors.  Your child’s agenda will note a color each day, which has the following meanings:

Pink – Super Star (prize box)

Purple – Outstanding (drawing for prize box)

Blue – Great Choice

Green – Ready to Learn (where all students begin the day)

Yellow – Reminder (quick talk check-in at recess)

Orange – Stop and Think (10 min. walking break at recess)

Red – Contact Home (15 min. walking break at recess)

**Any “clip downs” beyond this will lead to call/note home, referral to office, and/or loss of recess.

Each day, all students will start on green.  Please note that “clip downs” will seem more frequent in the beginning of the year, as students transition from summer to school behavior.  Correcting behaviors in the beginning, and getting children used to the new rules, will prevent misbehaviors later.  The color your child is on will be indicated in the behavior section of the agenda.  Please be sure to initial that EVERY night!

Pony Points!

Our class can earn Pony Points to put in our class barn by earning our points at Specials, getting compliments as a class outside of the classroom, and getting individual compliments outside of the classroom. We have already filled our first barn! *This new incentive is in place of the marbles that we have done in previous years.