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Random Classroom Info


If your child arrives or leaves during the school day, you must go to the office first.  No child will be dismissed from the classroom without notification from the office.  Anytime your child’s afternoon dismissal/transportation plans change from his or her regular routine, you must send a note to school.  In an emergency or late change of plans, please call the school office.  If I do not have a note from you or notification from the office, your child must follow his or her regular dismissal plan.  This policy is enforced for your child’s safety.

Please reinforce the importance of school attendance with your child. At one point or another, your child will probably ask you, “Do I have to go to school today?"  He/She may be tired from staying up late, worried about a test, or may just want to stay home to watch TV or play on the computer.  Here are some ways you can make sure your child gets to school everyday—on time—and ready to learn.

-Get your child to bed on time.  A sleepy child can’t get up, dawdles over breakfast, and misses the bus.  Remember:  late nights lead to morning fights.

-Stay in-tune with school events.  If you know there’s a science test the next day, help your child study—don’t let him/her stay home.

-Let your child see that you value education.  Remind him/her that missing school means missing opportunities to learn new things.

Coats, Jackets, and Shoes
Our class will be outside daily, weather permitting.  As the temperature changes PLEASE make sure your child is dressed for the weather and brings a jacket or coat.  This will help to keep everyone HEALTHY and HAPPY!

On PE days all children MUST wear tennis shoes or he/she will not be permitted to participate in PE for that day.  Please dress your child in shoes that are comfortable and sturdy enough for running, jumping, climbing, and all sorts of other PE and playground fun!

Classroom Birthdays
         We love to celebrate every child’s birthday!  If you would like to celebrate by bringing a special treat for your child's birthday, I ask that you please inform me ahead of time so we can arrange a time together.  If you are planning to have a birthday party for your child outside of school, I ask that you DO NOT send the invitations to school. This is to prevent the possibility of feelings being hurt.  If you have any questions about our classroom birthday policies, please feel free to contact me.

         If your child is absent, the handouts for the day will be set aside.  If there was an assignment due on the day of the absence, it needs to be brought in the first day back at school.  If there was something due, but your child did not have the materials necessary to complete it, then another date will be negotiated by the student and myself.  Missed tests and quizzes will take place on the first day back, unless the student was absent for days leading up to the assessment or missed the targets that were assessed.
         If you know that your child will be absent ahead of time, please let me know by sending in a note or calling the school.  I will provide whatever information and handouts I can, and whatever is not provided, will be provided upon your child's return.  Please understand that work cannot always be ready in advance, and it is best to notify the office by telephone if a lengthy absence seems likely.


What To Do If There Is A Problem
         If your child is experiencing difficulty in meeting classroom expectations (i.e.- academically or socially, following routines, or having any type of conflict), there are several things we can do to help him/her be successful.  The most important key to meeting your child’s needs is to keep open communication lines between home and school.  If you feel there is a problem, or if you have any concerns at all, PLEASE DO NOT hesitate to contact me.  It is my job and top priority to make sure that your child is successful!  The worst thing we can do is let time pass us by without intervention.  My door is always open to you when it comes to your child! The following is a list of possible interventions we can try to help aid your child on his\her road to success:

                    Parent/Teacher Conference
                    Parent/Teacher/Student Conference
                    Parent/Teacher/Principal Conference
                    Seating Relocation
                    Motivation/Behavior Monitoring Chart
                    Referral to Guidance Counselor

Random Information

-Please do NOT send snacks!

-We will have frequent water breaks throughout the school day and students are also allowed to get water when they need to.  If you and your child feel he/she needs better hydration, students may bring in a SMALL bottle of WATER with a sealable cap (no straws).  Please do not send any liquids other than water (it gets sticky!).

-We do collect Box Tops to earn money for our classroom.

-Our class website is updated regularly with our classroom newsletters, field trip information, and more.  It can be found through the NES website.

-We have an awesome PortaPortal site that features links to MANY websites for students (and parents) to use.  This can be found at