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Classroom and School Wide Behavior Management

Classroom Rules

Rule 1:  Follow Directions Quickly          Rule 2:  Raise Your Hand For Permission To Speak         


 Rule 3:  Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat          Rule 4:  Make Smart Choices         


 Rule 5:  Keep Your Dear Teacher Happy          Diamond Rule


Clip System

At Nicholasville Elementary we have high behavior expectations for all students.  Primary students use a school wide clip system classroom management strategy to help enforce rules and expectations within the classroom and school building.  All primary classrooms have a clip chart and students begin each day with their clip on green, "Ready to Rock".  Students may clip up or down throughtout the day depending on their positive or negative behaviors.  Anyone that clips to the "Top of the Chart", beyond pink, will get a jewel or star on their clip.  When a student has earned 5 jewels she or he may have lunch with the teacher.  


Marble Jar

“Loosing Our Marbles” is a school wide rewards program at Nicholasville Elementary School.  When an adult inside the school gives our class a compliment, our class “looses a marble.”  A jar of thirty marbles is kept in our classroom and when all thirty marbles have been taken out of the jar, our classroom receives a reward that will be voted on by the class such as pajama day, hat day, or a small celebration.  Classes also compete to see who can “loose their marbles” first.