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Non Traditonal Instruction Activities

Any of these activities can replace activities from the snow day packet or can be done in place of the packet when you run out.  Remember we need 4 activities each day.  Please show your best handwriting on any writing activity.   Any activities you can photograph and add to twitter @NESGayheart or the Jessamine County Schools Facebook page would be great.  We also welcome all feedback from these NTI days.  Students can always get on lexia for 20 minutes to count for one reading activity.  They may also practice their spelling words with an adult or on  Please print any activities that your child does from 


Reading Math Writing Other
Log into Lexia and work for at least 20 minutes.  Log into Moby Max and work for at least 20 minutes.  Write an informational paragraph about something you know a lot about.  If you do have internet access a parent can help you look up more information.  Include at least 5 sentences in your paragraph, begin with an introduction, and write a conclusion. Watch the Life Cycle of a butterfly and frog at  Draw a diagram of the lifecycle of one of these animals.  Label the diagram.  Color in your best handwriting.
Choose a recipe an adult has at home or one online that you would like to try.  Read the recipe and find all the ingredients. With an adults help measure out what you will need for the recipe and fix it.  Write about how your recipe turned out.  Would you recommend I try to make it?  Would you do anything different to the recipe?  Why or why not? Get help taking a photo of your recipe.  Ask your parent to help load it to social media if they have an account.  See if you are allowed to take some more pictures.  Document the snowfall at your house by taking pictures in different places.  If you built something in the snow take a picture of that too.
Read a book of your choice to a family member, pet, or stuffed animal.  Write what happens in the beginning, middle, and end.  Include pictures.  You can use your own papers or the link here. Have a parent quiz you on your math facts to ten.  Have them write down some problems for you to solve or print this to work on.

Write about ALL you have done since the great snowfall of 2016 (at least 5 sentences).  Add as many details as possible.  Be sure each sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with the right punctuation mark.  Feel free to include dialogue.  Use your best handwriting. 


Talk to a relative or friend on the phone that doesn't live in Jessamine County.  Tell them all about our snow fall.  Ask them about the weather where they live.  Write or draw about what you learned. 


Reading  Math  Writing   Other
Read a nonfiction book of your choice.  Write about the main idea and details or use the graphic organizer here. Using marshmallows or other common foods build a model of 4 three-D shapes that we learned about in Geometry.  Take pictures if possible OR write about the shapes you made.  Write a letter to a grandparent, other family member or friend.  Make a copy of the letter or show me before mailing.  Include at least 5 sentences in the letter.  Start with capital letters and end with the correct punctuation mark. Think back to what we learned about the moon.  Draw the phases of the moon.  Color and label each moon phase. 
Read a magazine.  Write a summary of your favorite article.  Be ready to teach the class about what you learned from the article.  Play a board or card game (not electronic) with your family.  Help keep score.  Did you win?  How many points did you win by?  If you lost how many points did you need to win?  Write about your experience playing the game.  Write a short story with fictional characters.  Include the problem and the solution.  Include what happens in the beginning, middle, and end.  Ilustrate your story and share it with a family member.  Complete some exercises with your family for 15 minutes.  Get your heart rate up by doing some cardio.  Be sure to stretch afterwards. 
Listen to a tumble book story from the Jessamine County public library.  Play the game/activites that go with it.  Measure the snow accumulations in the morning and evening each day we are out of school.  How much snow is melting each day.  How long do you think it will take all of the snow to melt?  What factors could cause the snow to melt quicker or hang around longer.  Write about your findings.  Write your own recipe, Make up your own game and write out directions for how to play, or write a response to a movie or television show that you watch on television.  For everything except the recipe include 5 sentences. Paint a picture, make a sculpture with play dough or clay, or do some other form of art.  Bring in anything you are able to bring in (This will be returned).