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4th Grade

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StoryMaker for Library


Papa John's

Shoe Carnival


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Lemonade Stand





Vex IQ Robot Practice (Choose continue without Modkit Link)

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Links Used During the Year


Winter Holidays Presentation Links

National Geographic: Winter Holidays

Scholastic: What is Christmas?

Scholastic: What is Hanukkah?

Scholastic: What is Kwanzaa?

BrainPop: Winter Holidays

FactMonster: Winter Holidays

Kwanzaa for Kids


Thanksgiving Word Search

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

Thanksgiving Challenge

Alpha Munchies Typing Game

Jump Key

Keyboard Invasion

Keyboarding Challenge

Typing Race Biographies

Famous African American Biographies

"Garden of Praise" African American Biographies (Ms. Bethuna's can be found here)

Nelson Mandela Biography

Social Studies for Kids Biographies

Fact Monster Biographies


Biography Online

Animated Biographies


African American BrainPops




Kentucky Virtual Library-- Research Information Here!

Science Dictionary

Physics for Kids--Information

Kid-Safe Search


Physical Science: Forms of Energy

Forms of Energy BrainPop

Kinetic Energy BrainPop

Potential Energy BrainPop

Power Up Game

Energy Video

Potential and Kinetic Energy

Rocket Balls Experiment

Force, Work, and Energy Video

Potential & Kinetic Energy Video

SchoolHouse Rock-Energy Video

What is Energy? Video

Energy Transformations Video

Heat BrainPop

What is Heat Energy?

Heat Energy for Kids Video

How Matches Work- Article

Heat Energy Song

Heat Energy Video

What is Light Energy? Video

Kinds of Energy- Chemical Energy


Physical Science: Sound & Light

Waves BrainPop

Sound BrainPop

Light BrainPop


Physical Science: Force & Motion Links

Study Jams

Kids Discover Force and Motion

Force and Motion Game

Rally Force Game

Multiple Game Links (Forces and Motion)

Forces BrainPop

Forces and Motion Video

Forces and Motion for Kids

Force and Motion - Bill Nye Clip


Coffee Shop 

Lemonade Stand

4th Grade Games


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