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NTI Info

Non-Traditional Instructions (NTI) days are allowed by the state of Kentucky to take the place of missed school days. Jessamine County Schools may use up to 10 NTI days per school year. In order to have these days count for regular school, students must complete required NTI work and teacher must be available electronically for assistance during a portion of the day. 


If we have an NTI day, please refer to each teacher's web page on the WJHS site for specific requirements for your assignments. If you have any questions, please email your teacher directly. 


Due Dates- Students will have the NTI day plus the same number of actual school days to turn in all NTI work to teachers. For example, if Monday is an NTI day all work will be due on Wednesday (NTI day plus one). If Monday-Wednesday are NTI days, students will have those three days plus Thurs, Friday, and Mon to complete work, with all assignments due on that Tuesday (3 NTI plus 3 regular days). We will make regular announcements and contact with parents about when those assignments will be due. 


NTI days are a luxury that not all districts get to enjoy, we appreciate your help in making them successful for students.